Eastern Plains Computer Repair Shop (on the corner of judge orr and hwy 24)

  • Q. Can Eastern Plains Computer Repair upgrade my computer?

    Absolutely, Upgrades are a normal part of computing, stop in and let see what we can do for you!

  • Q. My computer is still under warranty, do you do warranty repairs?

    Nope. warranty companies dont want to pay a fair amount for work, so we wont deal with them. best of luck on your warranty repair

  • Q. How long will my repair take?

    Generally diagnostics are done within 1 day and most repairs are completed within 3 days. Some repairs can be done sooner depending on parts availability and over all workload.

  • Q. I have sourced my own part and would like to have you fit it, is this possible?

    Yes, but you will be charged upfront for labour and we take no responsibility for the quality of the part. If for some reason the part is faulty and would like us then to unistall the part, additional charges may apply.